Four Hand Massage

Four Hand Massage

45min...$99, 1h...$130, 1½h...$180, 2h...$230

Q: What you can expect?
A: The four hand massage is a blend of long, flowing strokes. At Hotlomi Spa you will be able to request the amount of pressure you prefer, whether light, medium or firm. If you're modest about your body, know that more of your body will be exposed during your four hand massage than during a regular massage. Two therapists need more "body" to work on. Your private areas will still remain covered, of course, but you will likely have both legs exposed at once, for example, versus just one at a time with a single therapist.

Q: What makes a four hand massage so special?
A: One-therapist massages feel amazing because they draw your attention to the movements; you stop worrying about things that may be happening in your life and you sink into the sensations. You're enjoying what's happening to your body.

When two-therapists/four hands hit your body, your mind reacts differently. On top of the relaxation that a single therapist provides, a four hand massage create an environment where your mind is unable to focus its attention on all of the various sensations and pressures, allowing it to unwind, stop thinking, and bask in a state of relaxation.

This is a powerful treatment for anyone who has a hard time letting go of thoughts. Not only will you emerge after the massage with relaxed muscles, but your mind will be clear of clutter. Anyone dealing with anxiety, depression, or over-active mental chatter should try a four hand massage to experience its benefits. And if you are an extremely busy person this is the perfect way to get two hours of bodywork in just one hour.

Q: When is it better to stick with one therapist?
A: Whenever you need specific body parts addressed with deep-tissue sculpting, myofascial release, or any other type of clinical bodywork it is suggested that you use a solo therapist. In these situations it is confusing to have two people working to fix a structural issue in your body - too many cooks in the kitchen. Enjoy being with one really great therapist and keep your mental attention focused on relaxing the body parts she or he is working on.