Massage for Two


1h...$150, 1½h...$210, 2h...$270, 2½h...$330, 3h...$390
Weekend Massage for Two - 1 hr...$130 (Saturday and Sunday only)


Tropical Hotlomi for Two 2 hr ... $240
½hr feet care | 1½hr massage
The Tropical Hotlomi package is a fast and relaxing way to replenish the core sites of your body. Our herbal feet bath, scrub, and hot paraffin mask calms and replenishes your feet while preparing you for a full 90 minute massage. At this time your therapist will work up the rest of your body while massaging in Vitamin E oil for a healthy glow. This package is designed for those with a busy schedule in need of a healthy, replenishing break.

Hotlomi Garden for Two 1½ hr ... $240
½hr body scrub | 1hr massage
The Hotlomi Garden is the shortcut to a new healthy glow and body health. The treatment starts with Sea Salt Scrub to exfoliate your skin and remove any imperfections. After a brief shower our therapist will begin your 60 minute Hotlomi massage. An application of Vitamin E oil over your body will work to relieve tension and take care of your fresh skin. This package is designed for those in need of some skin care.

Revitalize Spa for Two - 2½ hr ... $290
1hr massage | 1hr facial | ½hr feet care
It starting with foot bath, scrub, and hot paraffin mask for your feet. The you will receive our reflaxation Hotlomi Facial followed by the signature Hotlomi massage.

Deluxe Spa for Two - 3 hr ... $380
½hr body Scrub/ 1hr Massage | 1hr Facial | ½hr feet care
The deluxe treatment starts with a Body Scrub during which your body will be exfoliated and smoothed using a Sea Salt Scrub. A shower is then necessary to rinse away all dead skin and left over salt, leaving your new skin with a radiant glow. Following your body scrub you will be treated to an hour long a massage with Vitamin E oil; this will relieve all tension and relax the mind and body. Once you are in a state of complete relaxation you will receive a revitalizing facial followed by a herbal foot bath, scrub, and hot paraffin foot mask for a complete body package. This package is designed for those looking for a full body replenishment.

All packages are also available for individual sessions.