Hotlomi Massage

While your body is immersed in the heat of hot paraffin packs, our therapists use their hands and forearms to
work through your body from head to toe. Relaxing the mind, while penetrating the deep muscle tissues, this signature hotlomi massage incorporates the concept of Yin|Yang balance. Totally relieving any physical and mental tension. Depending on your preference and your body’s response to the massage, our therapists will adjust the pressure to suit your needs; from the feeling of a gentle stream to the power of a waterfall, your body and mind will come out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Q: How much does a massage cost?
A: Massage prices vary depending on the experience of the therapist you require.

Hotlomi Master: 1h...$110, 1½h...$165, 2h...$220, 2½h...$275
Hotlomi Practitioner: 1h...$85, 1½h...$115, 2h...$145, 2½h...$175

Q: Should I book for 1 hour or 2 hours? What is the difference?
A: As your time and wallet allows, the longer the treatment more beneficial to your mind and body. Longer massages will allow you to enter into the ideal relaxed state and maintain the deep tranquility this massage offers for a longer period of time. Our therapists will then have more time to work in deeper layers of tissue and detail every part of your body.

Q: What type of oil is used?
A: We use non-scented ultra-sensitive oil, but also offer a selection of aroma scented oils at no additional cost.

Q: Will I be covered during the massage?
A: Yes, to reap the full benefit of hotlomi massage we recommend that you undress as much as your comfort level allows and lay down between the two sheets. You will be properly draped throughout the treatment to maintain your privacy and keep you warm.

Q: Do you have a shower facility?
A: We offer a washroom with a shower and bathtub for your convenience. Please let us know prior to your massage if you will be needing these facilities to ensure that it is available to you. We also ask that you arrive early if you would like to shower before your massage. This will allow time for you to get ready at your own pace and avoid any treatments being cut short.

Q: How much in advance should I book my appointment?
A: We try our best to accommodate same day appointments. However, we encourage you to book in as early as possible, especially for weekends and holidays. Walk-ins are not welcome as we need at least 20 minutes to prepare.

*Listed prices are in Canadian dollars, and subject to 13% HST.
*Gift cards/certificates from 3rd party may not be redeemable at times, please be ready to pay with cash, credit or debit cards

Step Massage

Step into our specially designed Step-Massage rooms for our deep tissue specialty massage.

Not for the weak, this massage relieves tense muscles right through to the core of your body. Therapists use various parts of their feet to knead the muscles in your back and give the deepens comparable massage in Toronto.

Step-Massage will be done fully clothed, so wear or bring you comfortable clothes!!

Call now to book an appointment.

*Pricing info
the same as Hotlomi Massage.